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"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes."

-Carl Jung


My Approach

Therapy is a wonderful avenue of exploring the internal world, and better understanding yourself. There can be so much going on internally, and sorting through, and making sense of it all may require support. The mind is a beautiful, and complex entity, which stores years of experience, memories, ideas, and beliefs, and may need to be re-visited from time to time, for clearing, re-organization, and integration to take place. A sense of well being can be a result of doing such deep psychological work. Depression, Anxiety, Stress, may all be consequences of a cluttered mind.

I help my clients get in touch with the aspects of their self that need attention, attunement and change. Using Psychodynamic, Attachment, and Emotion-Focused therapy approaches, we will look both into the unconscious and conscious mind to sort out through patterns that are no longer serving you, and replace them with ones that do.

This work can feel highly rewarding over time, as you begin to notice lasting changes within you. Re-wiring, and re-building the internal structures, can truly bring clarity and meaning in your life.


I specialize in working with Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Life Transitions, and Relational difficulties. I welcome all parts of one's self, the conscious mind, the subconscious world, including one's unfiltered hope's dreams, and fantasies and create a deep, sacred and safe space for true Self-Exploration to take place.


Sessions are 50 minutes long, once a week.

$150 per session   

Payment can be made at the time of your session via check or cash.